Head Lice Removal Treatment Services Broward Palm Beach Florida

Head Lice Removal Treatment Services Broward Palm Beach Florida. Treating head lice can be a parent’s worst nightmare. At Head Lice Treatment of South Florida, we believe that as parents, you have enough to worry about and take care of. We are a professional and private lice removal and treatment service that helps families living in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach counties in Florida dealing with a lice outbreak. We are here to take the stress and burden off of your shoulders. Don’t waste your day in a “lice salon”. We arrive discreetly and work right in the comfort of your home.

We offer empathy, support and advice at a time of frustration and despair. Head Lice Treatment of South Florida are experienced in this sensible matter, (and Moms just like you!)  We’ll work around your busy schedule. While we get down to the business of helping you get rid of lice from your hair, you can calmly focus on cleaning your environment and getting your home back to normal.

Don’t get blown away by hot air and outrageous prices!!  I will treat you and your family the same exact way I treat my own.  With loving care and a consideration for privacy and budget.  That’s why I come to your house and offer private in-home treatment.  Even though it isn’t your fault you have lice I understand the need for privacy.  Let’s not give the neighbors anything to talk about and keep your family’s lice treatment discreet and affordable. 


Don’t Panic. We Will Be Your Personal “Lice” Saver!

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