Lice Treatment Removal Broward Palm Beach Florida

Lice Treatment Removal Broward Palm Beach Florida. We arrive at your home with all the supplies and equipment we need to remove the lice & nits and explain how we will eradicate your family of head lice safely & effectively. We suggest every member be checked to determine who has lice. Often times if a family member goes unchecked and they have lice the treated member(s) will get re-infected. We offer a variety of lice removal services to fit your needs. From Lice Head Checks to Organic Oil Treatments. We teach you our effective step by step plans to eradicate lice and keep them away!

The most important thing to me is to provide safe and effective head lice treatment at an affordable price. Being a mother and family-oriented person myself, it is vital to me and my peace of mind that I can provide this service to people and families across South Florida. After being taken advantage of when my children and I were in this very situation (infested with lice and few options for affordable treatment) I decided there must be a better way. I started by educating myself about “The Facts of Lice”. After much research and hands on experience I now can say I am an expert on lice treatment and removal. I want to dispel the myths and stigma associated with this parasite and ease the minds and heads of parents and kids in South Florida.

Head Lice Treatment of South Florida

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