South Florida Lice Treatment Removal

South Florida Lice Treatment Removal. Lice and nits are extremely resilient, which means without proper lice treatment and prevention, they can easily spread between children and adults in a continuous cycle. Head lice removal and head lice prevention are the keys to combat lice, and our advanced treatment is backed by our experience. Our head lice removal and lice treatment specialists in Miami Dade, Broward and palm Beach Florida. Worth not only treat your children and family members but also give you the training needed to delouse your home, along with prevention techniques you can apply for the long-term.

he spread of head lice can be unstoppable and very difficult to prevent and treat, especially with school children. Our methods are proven, and non-toxic to guarantee safe and highly-effective treatment with guaranteed results, all without your family leaving the comfort of your home. Our treatment for head lice is safe, and has never been tested on animals. We offer lice screening, diagnosis, education, and treatment options geared toward helping families combat their current lice issues. Providing peace of mind and educating families suffering from lice nuisances is our goal.  Call today with any questions or to schedule an appointment. We are here to help! Call Today: 954-247-8480


Head Lice Treatment of South Florida

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