“Head Lice Treatment of South Florida turned our nightmare (lice-mare) into a spa day!     –––––>

Ellie is incredible. She is very professional and very prompt. My wife called me freaking out and Ellie was there to calm her down and help us thru this whole process. She explained everything to us and was very accommodating as she was able to visit us at home right away. She is very thorough with her job and has great customer service. I would recommend her to everyone. Thank you so much Ellie. – Ihab A.

So happy to have used her. She has a great personality and made us feel very comfortable during a very stressful time. Her work is very thorough and I would highly recommend to family. Prices were better than the other places I called! – Logan V.

I am so glad we called ‘Head Lice Treatment of South Florida’ because our children were infested! I called a few other places but they were either too expensive or they weren’t very helpful on the phone, When I spoke to the owner here I was actually relieved that she knew what she was talking about. Plus it was convenient because they came to my home and were very professional. My kids were comfortable and so were my husband and I. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. – Heather S.

I discovered last week that all 3 of my kids had head lice! I was stunned and didn’t know where to turn. I called around and decided to give Head Lice Treatment of South Florida a try. Their technician, Ellie came out the same day and explained the process and told us about the 100% guarantee. I was also happy to find out that her technique and products are chemical free. She checked all of us out and treated the 3 kids for lice. She explained everything she was doing and the reason behind it. I felt really good about the decision I made . She also showed us the products she had for follow up. I really like the spray for deterring the eggs from being able to adhere to the hair shaft so they will wash out with the shampoo. I plan to keep these products from now on and will recommend Ellie and her services. – Amanda P.

This was my first experience with lice and I was overwhelmed. Ellie came to my house and took all the stress out of the situation. She checked everyone’s hair and didn’t leave until we were all lice free. She was wonderful. – Lorena S.

I consider our family to be kind of hippy dippy so when it comes to illness or pests we always try to use alternative treatments. With my daughter’s on-going head lice problem I was determined to search until I found a natural cure and I am happy to say the treatment from Head Lice Treatment of South Florida was just what we were looking for. – Paige M.

Ellie was awesome. She came out to our home within a couple of hours of calling and took care of everything. She was very knowledgable about the entire process which was so helpful. – Jorge D.

Lice Treatment of South Florida is great. They came to my house, took care of the lice, and left us feeling much better! The best part was it didn’t cost me a fortune. -Lorraine D.

I was so frustrated when I got another call from school that my son had lice. Ellie from Lice Treatment of SoFlo was at my home the same afternoon and my son was able to go back to school the following day. The treatment was quick and discreet and I am so happy I called. What a relief to not have to deal with removing the lice myself. -Mike M.

Ugh lice. I tried to get rid of it myself, but none of the over the counter stuff was working. Finally, I called for some expert help and I’m so glad I did. The prices were reasonable, the staff is professional and thorough, and I didn’t have to fight with my kids to sit still while I tried to comb their hair. The treatments are all guaranteed and they explained exactly what I needed to do to make sure the house is lice free. Definitely recommend! – Judy F.

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