We arrive at your home with all the supplies and equipment we need to remove the lice & nits and explain how we will eradicate your family of head lice safely & effectively. We suggest every member be checked to determine who has lice. Often times if a family member goes unchecked and they have lice the treated member(s) will get re-infected. We offer a variety of lice removal services to fit your needs. From Lice Head Checks to Organic Oil Treatments. We teach you our effective step by step plans to eradicate lice and keep them away!

  • We screen all family members
  • We treat with All Natural Pesticide Free Products
  • We offer the best head lice treatment tools and products available allowing for easier follow up treatment & prevention.
  • We work around your schedule
  • We arrive at your home in Confidentiality (no big bugs or signs on our cars)
  • We offer you the Peace of Mind you deserve

Advantages of In-Home Lice Treatment Service

There are several advantages to an in home lice service compared with a lice treatment salon service:

  • Confidentiality: In home services are private and offer complete confidentiality. Many children and parents do not want to run into a neighbor while walking to the salon or within the salon. Even though we all try very, very hard to dispel the stigma, it still exists!
  • Private Individual Care: You know how sometimes you can feel unimportant as stylist juggle other clients, cut while your drying etc. You’ll never feel this way with an in home service. You receive full undivided attention.
  • Convenience: With in home lice services, parents don’t have to gather their children in the car and drive several miles to a salon.  Dad can watch the game or kids can play their favorite video games while waiting their turn.
  • Accommodates any schedule: In home lice service allows for multiple peoples schedule. If a child has a game they can be worked on after their siblings or if a child has an event to attend they can be done first.
  • Less overwhelming: Getting head lice can be embarrassing to some children. For many children, going out to a strange place during this time (or even for a hair cut) is stressful. They would much rather stay in the comfort of their home.
  • Pricing: Parents often assume that the in home service is more costly than salon services. This is most often not the case, it’s usually the other way around. In the case of Let’s Be PALS, we offer the lowest prices in the area with our best price promise.
  • Hours of Availability: Usually salons are open 5 days a week from 9-5 while in-home services often are available 7 days a week–day time and evenings.

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