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Lice Treatment Experts Broward County Florida. Being a mother and family-oriented person myself, it is vital to me and my peace of mind that I can provide this service to people and families across South Florida. After being taken advantage of when my children and I were in this very situation (infested with lice and few options for affordable treatment) I decided there must be a better way. I started by educating myself about “The Facts of Lice”. After much research and hands on experience I now can say I am an expert on lice treatment and removal. I want to dispel the myths and stigma associated with this parasite and ease the minds and heads of parents and kids in South Florida.

Treating head lice can be a parent’s worst nightmare. At Head Lice Treatment of South Florida, we believe that as parents, you have enough to worry about and take care of. We are a professional and private lice removal and treatment service that helps families living in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach counties in Florida dealing with a lice outbreak. We are here to take the stress and burden off of your shoulders. Don’t waste your day in a “lice salon”. We arrive discreetly and work right in the comfort of your home.

75$ for hair longer than shoulder length.
50$ for hair shorter than the shoulders.
35$ for a head check which is no charge if treatment is done.

The spread of head lice can be unstoppable and very difficult to prevent and treat, especially with school children. Our methods are proven, and non-toxic to guarantee safe and highly-effective treatment with guaranteed results, all without your family leaving the comfort of your home. Our treatment for head lice is safe, and has never been tested on animals. We offer lice screening, diagnosis, education, and treatment options geared toward helping families combat their current lice issues. Providing peace of mind and educating families suffering from lice nuisances is our goal.  Call today with any questions or to schedule an appointment. We are here to help! Call Today: 954-247-8480

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