I don’t charge a flat fee for a very good reason.  Every case of infestation is different.  Why pay the same price if you only have a few nits and it only takes 15 minutes to treat your hair?  Long hair does not mean you should pay more.  Most treatments take between 30-45 minutes depending on length, thickness, and level of infestation.

15 minute treatment = $60

30 minute treatment = $80

45 minute treatment = $100

60 minute treatment = $120

Comb throughs/head checks are $35 each.  Boys and fathers with very short hair can get checked 2/$35.

Each treatment includes 1 bottle of follow up solution which is vital to make sure that every single bug is dead and gone eliminating the need for further re-treatments.  If you follow the directions and complete the process you can not go wrong.  Every single treatment is guaranteed.

Available are Terminator Lice Combs (the best out there and the only ones I would recommend) – $20

Additional bottles of treatment solution (only if necessary)- $20

Detangling spray (smells good to us and bad to lice)-$15

I will never sell you products you don’t need or take advantage of your fear and frustration.  Following the treatment and before I leave your home you will receive specific instructions for a follow-up treatment plan and a checklist for things you should do to make sure there are no lingering lice in your house.  The follow-up is simple and when done properly it is 100% effective.  You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars paying someone else to remove lice from your home.  

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